Cürv Mirrors 

800 x 600 mm 
250 Watts 
500mm diameter 
100 Watt 
1000 x 600 mm 
300 Watts 
No longer do you have to step out of a warm shower and into a cold bathroom with our infrared mirror heater. Before now, expensive underfloor heating systems or unattractive wall radiators were the only effective ways of heating a bathroom. But our affordable infrared mirror sits stylishly on any wall, providing an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional bathroom heater. These stylish mirrors also compliment the heated towel rail products perfectly,  
Each of our UK-designed anti-fog mirrors is covered by a 15-year warranty, which will make sure that your bathroom heater is quickly repaired or replaced in the event of any mechanical issues. Between our eco-friendly designs and the simple installation process, you will find yourself saving money on your energy bills in no time at all. 
Our heating systems are maintenance-free, with intelligent smart controls that enable you to remotely manage your heater – if you know that you’ll be getting a shower and want to step out into a pleasant temperature, or you just want the mirror to defog before you shave, it can all be done at the push of a button. 
Available Sizes: 
CM50 500 x 500 x 70 mm – 100 Watts – Recommended Room Size: 2m² 
CM5545 550 x 450 x 70 mm – 70 Watts – Recommended Room Size: 1.5m² 
CM8060 800 x 600 x 70 mm – 250 Watts – Recommended Room Size: 5m² 
CM10060 1000 x 600 x 70 mm – 300 Watts – Recommended Room Size: 6m² 
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