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The energy economy is already under enormous strain, having to simultaneously grow to meet demands whilst reduce carbon footprints to combat global warming. However, one Chinese manufacturer is taking the fight head on. Established ten years ago, Shenzhen Yandiya are improving daily living whilst helping reduce carbon footprints through their innovative infrared heating panels. Discover how they work, and why Shenzhen Yandiya are so deserving of their award-winning success as we profile the firm. 
Relatively new in the global energy economy, infrared heating panels are, by all regards, a more economical alternative to traditional heating methods. Heating via electricity has long been considered uneconomical, but recent innovations from companies such as Shenzhen Yandiya have opened the wide- spread usage of infrared radiant methods, instead of convection. Transmitting energy via electromagnetic waves and is absorbed by the mass of the building as well as objects such as people and furniture. Instead of trying to heat the air, as radiators and traditional convection methods do, infrared directly heats the people and furniture, giving and even heat. 
For many people, their heating system may be outdated and doing more damage to the environment than they even know about. Helping to improve both people’s knowledge base and the carbon footprint left behind by traditional heating systems, Shenzhen Yandiya develop and manufacture top-quality infrared heating panels to reduce the ever-looming impact of global warming. Governments around the world are increasingly committing to de-carbonisation of society and massively reducing the impact of global warming, with the innovation of this firm playing, by all regards, a key part of making those goals a tangible reality. 
Shenzhen Yandiya understand that any one of their infrared heating panels have to be able to cope with the everyday requirements of those who own them, be they homes or commercial properties. Efficiency and ease of use is also paramount. In order to cope with how people live and work, the firm have gone one step further in their innovation, utilising the latest IOT technology with their solutions. 
Sustainable energy has become somewhat of a ‘sound bite’ in recent times. The young, middle-aged and old alike are protesting against climate change using the slogan ‘There is NO Planet B’. So what can we do in our own homes? 
Using sustainable energy is a large part of the answer, replacing combustible fuel consumption in your home and for transport with electric alternatives may be your contribution and infrared heating could be part of that solution. Particularly, if you are already using solar energy and sustainable energy suppliers. 
Infrared is essentially light energy. The invisible light energy on the electromagnetic spectrum begins with Infrared light and it is this energy that provides heat we feel from the suns rays. In the fight to save our planet 
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Tired, ineffective storage heating solved with healthy, efficient, energy saving Infrared
Stylish, efficient infrared heating panels are the perfect replacement for bulky, tired storage heating and electric radiators. Using panels that can be fitted to your walls and ceilings provides space saving, cost effective warmth throughout the coldest winters. 
Even better…pairing with an existing solar panel supply, could mean heating your home entirely off the electrical grid. 
A stylish look to heat your home. 
Gone are the days of hiding your radiators behind the settee. Infrared heating can be the perfect complement to style. 
Our range of glass panels and mirrors are perfect features to provide discreet, efficient and 100% effective heating throughout your home. With different, sizes, colours and designs available, you could be taking your home into a greener, energy saving future. 
Nobody makes it easier to choose a new infrared heating system than us. 
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Helping you choose what’s right for you 
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Guidance and support from consultation to completion 
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Installation advice and aftercare support 
Infrared Heating – The perfect companion for Sustainable energy 
With the ever increasing threat of combusible fuels on our environment, most of us would like to take steps to secure the world’s sustainability for future generations. For many of us these changes begin at home. Whether it’s walking to the shops, instead of driving, or changing our diesel car to electric, we’re all able to do our bit. 
Infrared Heating allows us to be a part of that change. You may be using solar panels already to generate electricity or using a renewable energy supplier. Changing from the use of combustible fuels such gas or oil to a home heated by infrared will ensure that you are even greener and that our world can be safe for the thousands of years to come. 
Most of us are inclined to think of fitness and eating healthily to maintain our health and well-being. This may also include more holistic approaches such as yoga, meditation and perhaps even infrared saunas (among others). The health benefits you might hope to achieve from installing or regularly attending infrared saunas can be achieved with infrared heating installed in your home. 
The warmth of summer in your Conservatory is available with infrared 
For most of us, the conservatory becomes redundant during the colder months of the year. We miss out on the benefits of natural light and the views of nature unless we wrap up warm and venture outside. We at Infrared Heating in West Mersea can offer a solution to suit your specific needs, providing the warmth you need to continue enjoying this extra living space economically and efficiently. 
For so long, convection heating has been the standard in household heating. With new innovative technology, the solution to effective, energy efficient, healthy heating is now at your fingertips. Unlike convection heating, which warms the air when the radiator warms up, infrared uses a principal similar to how we are warmed by the sun. Infrared is emitted from the heater and travels through the air until it hits the objects around the room. The objects absorb the radiation and produce heat.  
How the 2 compare 
Convection Heating Infrared Heating 
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