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What is Infrared Heating? 

Imagine all the effects of the sun’s warmth without the harmful rays. Infra red heating produces gentle warmth that is absorbed by the walls, floor and ceiling of the room, rather than heating the air like conventional systems. The heat is then projected evenly back into the room. 

How Much Does Infrared Heating Cost to Run? 

Infra red is an extremely efficient form of heating because it is heating you and not trying to heat the air, this will be warmed as a secondary effect. Also, once the panel reaches optimum temperature, it will modulate on and off to maintain temperature, therefore drawing less power. 

"100% efficient and can save up to 50% of your current heating and energy costs" 

With conventional convection heating, such as central heating or a gas fire for example, the air in the room is heated up and circulated around the room, creating cold spots and dust. Infra red heaters produce no carbon emissions, are 100% efficient and can save up to 50% of your current heating and energy costs. 

Benefits of our heating panels 

Efficiency in energy use of up to 90% 
Five year minimum guarantee on all heating products 
No moving parts 
No dust 
Low installation costs 
No damp. Infrared heat eliminates mould and damp 
Improved health benefits 
Infrared brings the warmth of the sun’s rays into your home. 
No pipes, no maintenance and no leaks 


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